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Why You Need to Leave Kajabi Behind in 2024:

Updated: Feb 18

In a market where the right digital platform can be the difference between success and mediocrity, many fitness entrepreneurs have turned to Kajabi for their online course and membership site needs. While Kajabi offers a broad set of tools for content creation and marketing, it falls short in catering specifically to the unique demands of the fitness industry. This is where AppRabbit shines, offering an unparalleled platform designed to meet the specific needs of fitness professionals looking to elevate their business. Here's why making the switch from Kajabi to AppRabbit could be the pivotal move your fitness empire needs.

Tailored Fitness App Development

Kajabi is a one-size-fits-all solution, primarily focused on digital content and course creation across various industries. AppRabbit, however, specializes in the fitness sector, providing custom iOS, Android, and web app development that resonates with your fitness brand's identity. With the "Beginner" plan at $179/month, AppRabbit offers not just a platform, but a personalized experience with unlimited users, Stripe integration for payments, and comprehensive analytics dashboards to monitor your success.

The Comprehensive "Business" Plan

For fitness entrepreneurs aiming for rapid growth and brand distinction, AppRabbit's "Business" plan is a game-changer. This done-for-you service ensures your custom app is ready within 2 weeks, for a one-time fee of $4500 plus a $179/month maintenance fee. This plan transcends the offerings of Kajabi by including content migration, bespoke logo and app design, a dedicated landing page, and full white-label branding, making your app a true extension of your fitness brand.

Advanced Features for Fitness Professionals

AppRabbit understands the fitness industry's nuances, offering advanced features that promote client engagement and business growth. Unlike Kajabi, which caters to a broader audience, AppRabbit focuses on features that matter most to fitness professionals, such as booking systems, client tracking, and engagement tools, all designed to enhance the client experience and retention.

Why Switching Makes Sense

Transitioning from Kajabi to AppRabbit means choosing a platform that aligns with your specific business goals in the fitness industry. It's about moving to a service that not only understands the intricacies of fitness business management but also offers the tools and customization necessary to truly stand out. With AppRabbit, you get a partner dedicated to your brand's growth and success, offering a level of support and customization Kajabi simply cannot match.

Make Your Move to AppRabbit

If you're ready to take your fitness business to the next level and crave a platform that caters specifically to your industry, AppRabbit is the clear choice. Leave the limitations of Kajabi behind and step into a world where your fitness app becomes a cornerstone of your business strategy. Visit today to discover how AppRabbit can transform your vision into reality, propelling your fitness brand to new heights. With AppRabbit, your business is not just another subscription—it's a success story waiting to happen.


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