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Why is everyone switching from Everfit to AppRabbit?

In our comparison of AppRabbit and Everfit, we've covered the essential features that both platforms offer to fitness professionals. However, AppRabbit goes a step further in catering to the dynamic needs of its users with features like AI-driven content updates and full UI customization. Here's an updated look at the features table with these additions:




Custom Branding

iOS and Android Compatibility

Web App Option

1-on-1 Coaching Tools

Community Memberships

Self-Serve Fitness Programs

Courses and Content Creation

Messaging and Communication

Payment Integration

✅ (Stripe)

Analytics and Dashboards

Content Migration

✅ (Business Plan)

Full White-Label Branding

✅ (Business Plan)

Launch Support

✅ (Business Plan includes launch support)

Updating Content with AI

Full Customization of UI

Unveiling AppRabbit's Advanced Features

  • Updating Content with AI: AppRabbit leverages AI to help you keep your app's content fresh and engaging. This means your fitness programs and advice can evolve based on user feedback and trends, offering a personalized experience to your clients.

  • Full Customization of UI: With AppRabbit, you're not just getting a fitness app; you're crafting an extension of your brand. The platform allows full customization of the user interface, ensuring that every screen, button, and feature aligns with your brand identity.

Why These Features Matter

These advanced features set AppRabbit apart by offering unprecedented control over the content and appearance of your fitness app. The ability to update content with AI ensures your offerings remain relevant and engaging, while full UI customization means your app truly stands out in the crowded digital fitness space.


With these enhancements, AppRabbit not only matches but exceeds the offerings of other platforms like Everfit by providing a more adaptable, personalized, and brand-centric app experience. For fitness professionals aiming to elevate their digital presence, AppRabbit offers the tools and flexibility needed to succeed.


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