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With a variety of home and gym programs, you can workout whenever and wherever you are. Traveling?


Training from home? We have you covered! Each program includes video exercises, voice over cues and details tips so you’ll never feel lost.


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HH fitness app

Hodgson Health Fitness


Communicate with us directly in the app


Includes detailed exercise example videos 


Track your weight, sets, reps, and before/after pictures

Use our exclusive video library 
and tracking tools

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Join Our Community
We want you to be involved in this app and get our great workouts and coaching tutorials to. 
Whether you’re training at home or in the gym, let’s get some serious results together.
This is a community and we want to welcome you with open arms, whether you’ve trained and been active all or your life or are a complete newcomer to the healthy lifestyle. 
In this app you’ll find all the help you need to become Happy and Healthy (that’s the second meaning to HH, after Hodgson Health of course).
You’ll have access to all of our latest workouts, along with some of our short coaching videos, to really help you make progress. You’ll also get some of our ‘behind the scenes’ coaching content as well as a place for you to join our coaching programmes too. 
Joining the app we will also enter you in our regular FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAYS as part of our regular challenges. 
We look forward to seeing you in the HH Fit App. 
Ryan & Elly Hodgson
Hodgson Pricing

Let's get started!

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Equal to
£14.99 /month

£44.97 billed quarterly

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Equal to
£9.99 /month

£119.88 billed 

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Equal to
£17.99 /month

£17.99 billed monthly


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