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On behalf of the Athletic Mom team, WELCOME!

We are freaking JAZZED to have you here!

You're now part of a worldwide community of badass women who are actively OWNING their athleticism.

We don't get tired of saying it: if you're a mom, you're an athlete!

Ready to get started? Press the play button on our Welcome video, below!

(That's Liz, one of our founding "Athletic Moms" - and Brit, our other founder, makes an appearance, too!)


As you heard in the video, here's what to do:


You'll start with our 8-week Foundations program, which uses the following equipment:

  • Mini band/Bands or hip circle

  • Resistance bands

  • Kettlebell

  • Slam ball

  • Sturdy chair/bench

  • Yoga mat (optional)

Next, you'll jump in to our 8-week Strength program, which uses the following equipment:

  • Mini band/Bands or hip circle

  • Resistance bands

  • 3 Sets of Dumbbells: light, medium, heavy

  • Foam Roller​

If you work out at a gym, you're likely already good to to - just make sure they've got your resistance bands and mini bands. You'll see our favorites in our Amazon Shop, which you can also find linked under the shopping cart icon right inside the Athletic Mom app.

Remember: we love local! If you can grab your equipment at a local store, it'll save you time and shipping!

Wondering how light (or heavy) to go with your kettlebell, slam ball, and/or dumbbells? It's a GREAT idea to go to your local gym or store to test out weights BEFORE you buy. (Test, don't guess!)

In our Amazon shop, we also show you options for adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells. They're more expensive, but a great option for those with limited space.

For reference: Liz is 5’10” and between 165-170 lbs. She has been working out consistently with weights for 4 years. She uses a 6lb medball and a 25lb (approximately 12kg) kettlebell for the Foundations workouts. Her dumbbells for Strength are 10lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs.



We recommend you use the following progression through our Athletic Mom programming:

Start with either Vacation Mode (a great on-ramp if you're waiting for equipment) or jump right in to the 8-week Foundations program. Use our 5-Minute Daily Fixes and Mobility & Recovery Flows as needed during these 8 weeks.

Then, give yourself a week off! Focus on the 5-Minute Daily Fixes and Mobility & Recovery Flows.

Next, jump in to our 8-week Strength program!

Once you're finished, give yourself another week off and focus on mobility and recovery.

If you're pregnant, be sure to check out our Pregnancy Flows. While all our programs are pregnancy-safe with modifications, we offer these flows as an alternative to build in to your routine based on how you're feeling.

YOU'RE NOT DONE YET! While we have several additional programs in the pipeline, we highly recommend you go through both Foundations AND Strength AGAIN once you've completed your first go-round, increasing your band resistance and weight. (See: tracking journal, below.)

A second round is, in fact, critically important to establishing a bulletproof baseline of athleticism and strength, which generally takes at least 6-8 months of consistent effort!

Translation: we're here with you for the long haul!



Use our PDF Tracking Journal (below) to track band resistance, weights, and bring attention to your nutrition and goals. We LOVE our app, but it's great to put pen to paper, too.

AMP Tracking Journal 1.0.pdf


Note that we've got a whole section in the App filled with protein-rich recipes for you to add to your rotation! Protein is KEY!

We can't WAIT for you to get started on your Athletic Mom journey.

Go get it, mama!

Liz, Brit and Nick
The Athletic Mom Team

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